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Exodus 20 verse 3, The First Commandment
Exodus 20 verses 4-6, The Second Commandment

Exodus 20 verse 7, The Third Commandment
Exodus 20 verses 8-11, The Fourth Commandment
Exodus 20 verse 12, The Fifth Commandment
Exodus 20 verse 13, The Sixth Commandment
Exodus 20 verse 14, The Seventh Commandment
Exodus 20 verse 15, The Eighth Commandment
Exodus 20 verse 16, The Ninth Commandment
Exodus 20 verse 17, The Tenth Commandment
1 John 5 verse 3
John 14 verse 15
John 15 verse 12
Psalm 119 verse 151
Jeremiah 31 verse 33
Mark 12 verses 30 & 31
Revelation 14 verse 12
17 Bible Verses You Can Learn by Singing.

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