The Loving Heavenly Father

This song can be found on the CD "Only Me".

e have a Loving Heav’nly Father, who wants to give us all good gifts. Just ask in Jesus name believing, He’ll give you faith to receive.

2.Does Jesus heal the lame and crippled? My soul cried, with despair was filled. The promise in James five believing. He gave me faith to receive.

3.He healed my body, soul, and spirit. He’ll heal you too in every whit. Just ask in Jesus name name believng, He’ll give you faith to receive.

4.So now I’m learning of the Father. Each day His love and joy ensures. His robe of righteousousness receiving, He gives me faith to believe.

5.No matter what maybe your problems, He wants to give you peace within. His robe of righteousness receiving. He’ll give you faith to believe.

6.God’s church may have its grevious problems. We still are His most precious gem! We’ll claim the robe of Christ believing, He’ll gives us faith to receive.

ęcopyright by Ruth Andrieux, 1999