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n a cold, wet rainy Angwin morning Ruth was headed to do student teaching. She was in a real fast hurry. She had to get to the Elementary School on time! As she took that second step out the door of her mobile home, swush, went her feet, right out from under her. On the way down she thought, "I don’t want to land on my head", she frantically threw her arms out, and landed on her seat. But my, did her right knee hurt!

For the next two years she did all the doctor things, doctor visits, physical therapy, MRI, two surgeries, but nothing helped! In December 1996, the medical profession, finally figured out the problem, and after the second surgery, and more physical therapy, alas, it was not getting well. Despite the best of Medical Care, the Doctors couldn't put Ruth together again. When she turned to the Lord, when she was at the bottom of her rope, then HE worked a miracle. The pastors at her church and some prayer warriors prayed and anointed her and claimed the promise of James 5 and GOD RESTORED her to full health.

If you would like Ruth to come and visit your church, Christian School or college, and tell and sing of the wonders that Jesus can also do for you there are two ways. Call 707-965-3081 or Contact her by e-mail form below. When e-mailing her, please send her your name, address and telephone number.

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