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I often have people ask me, "Do you offer discounts if we order a lot?
... to public schools?
... to parochial schools?
... to homeschools?
We would love to offer discounts to all of our customers but are unable to do so. We value all of our customers, and try to offer low prices on an everyday basis.

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This year's VBS Bible verse songs, or 'Daily Bible Points' is available for $9.99.
Last year's VBS CD with it 6 lovely tunes; 5 Bible verses to learn and the theme song "Let's Get Wild for Jesus". You can buy it below cost: $12.00 $8.95
"Thy Word Have I Hid in My Heart". 42 Bible Verses you should know by heart for these last days. $14.95
17 delightful kid's tunes, including 7 Bible verse songs
$12.95-12 songs on this CD includes Christian Blue grass, inspirational & gosepel.

In Cassette form




in Cassette form

Our Christmas album with a Christian message.
$12.95 17 beautiful composed songs on this CD: gospel, inspirational and children's music
Our Songbook with 32 pages of praise. On Sale for $4.99. Was $6.99

Refund Policy

All CDs can be purchased through my distributor by clicking on their picture.