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Help your Children at Sunday or Sabbath School studnts to memorize the verse for the day. There are 11 Bible verse on this CD as well as the Theme song, "Howdy Partner, Come Along...

Day 1 Jeremiah 10 verse 10
Day 2 Joshua 1 verse 9
Day 3 Psalm 118 verse 14
Day 4 Psalm 47 verse 2
Day 5 John 14 verse 15
Theme Song: Howdy Partner, Come Along...
Optional verses for each day.

Day 1 option: 1 Timothy 6 verse 15
Day 2 option: Hebrews 13 verse 6
Day 3 option: 2 Samuel 22 verse 33
Day 4 option: Psalm 9 verse 11
Day 5 option: 1 John 5 verse 3
Day 5 2nd option: Ephesians 5 verses 1 and 2
Closing Song: Revelation 22 verse 17

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