This song can be found on the CD "Only Me".

Mister Job

o you see my old friend, Mister Job is his name? Thus the Lord said to Satan one day. Loves me day by day, follows all the way, you can never claim the same.

2. Then the Devil did sneer, ”Mister Job loves your name, just because you have giv’n wealth and fame.” Then the Lord replied, ”Take away the same, but his life you may not claim.”.

3. Devil’s ’hay-day’ begun, oxen stolen away, All his sheep were gone up, in a flame. All his camels gone, all his servants slayed, all his children died that day.

4. Mister Job did arise, shave his head worship God, ”The Lord gives, now He takes bless His name!”. ”Skin for skin, Devil asked, the Lord did nod, but his life you may not claim.”

5. Mister Job’s grief was great, body all sore with pain, his three friends told him he was to blame. Missis Job said, ”curse God”, for all your lot, but old Job said, ”I will not”.

6. Mister Job charged not God, all though trials so sore. Then, God gave him twice much as before. His three friends confessed, his kin came to dine, He was blessed by children fine. He was blessed by children fine.

ęcopyright by Ruth Andrieux, 1999