We are learning Bible Verses through Music in our choir this year. We are learning Bible Verses that children need to know to help them grow up in today's society. Your child/children is invited to join us every Thursday at 5 PM in Sabbath School room #2 of the Village Seventh-day Adventist Church on College Avenue. Fill out the form below, call or email the choir director, Ruth Adrieux, at 707-965-3081. You can obtain a policy sheet for this choir by clicking here.

This ministry is located in the beautiful Napa Valley in Northern California. Please call for information. The enrollment period has been extended for more devoted children to join this army of God's children. Your children are coordially invited to join my children's choir:

This is a picture from the album of last year, "We Will Praise the Lord". The Children from the choir are featured on the cover.

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Andrieux House Music Publishing Company

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