I’m Never Alone

This song can be found on the CD "Only Me".

’m never alone in the morning, As I rise at the break of the day, For Jesus who watched through the darkness, Say, ”Lo, I am with you always”

2.I’m never alone at my table, Though loved ones no longer I see; For dearer than all who have vanished, Is Jesus who breaks bread with me.

CHORUS: I’m walking and talking with Jesus, Each day as I journey along I’m never alone Hallelujah! The joy of the Lord is my song!

3ŠI’m never alone through the daylight. Though nothing but trials I see; Though the furnance be seven times heated, the ”Form of the Fourth”walks with me.

4.I’m never alone at the twilight, When darkness around me doth creep; And spectres press hard ’round my pillow, He watches and cares while I sleep.

ęcopyright by Ruth Andrieux, 1999