Are We Going Home For Christmas This Year?

This song can be found on the CD "God's Gift of Love".

Andrieux House Music Publishing Company, Internet Selling Services, Angwin, CA

here are wishes for Christmas, that you may receive, With the glitter of things that are new But my one wish for Christmas, is for you and me Someday Jesus will make it come true

2. You may have all the glitter and lights to enjoy But they can’t give you peace in your soul If the present for Christmas you want is joy Receive Jesus and He’ll make you whole.

3. Here’s the one wish for Christmas, I want to come true, For He promised in John fourteen three. Yes He’s building my home far beyond the blue And He’s coming for both you and me

CHORUS: Are we going home for Christmas, this year? All the signs say that His coming is so near.I If in your heart He’s now living. Then together we’ll be singing, Soon we’re go home for Christmas, let’s cheer!

İRuth E. Andrieux,1998